Our Sustainability Journey


One of our more significant leadership initiatives will include the launch of a comprehensive sustainability program that makes it clear -- by our words and our actions -- that CSM is committed to making the world a better place for generations to come.

— Robert Sharpe, President & CEO, CSM Bakery Solutions


As our business continues to grow, CSM Bakery Solutions is developing and implementing an enterprise-wide sustainability initiative. As a global leader in the baking industry, we are fully committed to demonstrating that leadership and becoming better stewards of scarce resources. This means exploring sustainable sourcing of key ingredients, utilizing water and energy efficiently, and eliminating waste throughout our supply chain.

Our commitment to sustainability was further inspired by our participation in the 2015 International Antarctic Expedition. The two-week journey to the last untouched wilderness on earth was led by respected environmentalist Robert Swan and his 2041 Team. Two CSM executives—Scott Boze (VP, Transformation) and Daniel Teixeira (Director, QESH Europe)—traveled to Antarctica to attend the expedition. The trip’s purpose was to bring a collection of leaders from around the world to together to debate and discuss the effects of climate change.

CSM was proud to participate and is applying key learnings from this expedition to develop our own best practices and procedures supporting sustainability and related actions. “I think it is the start of a journey,” said Daniel Teixeira, “that will not stop.”

To learn more about our participation in the 2015 International Antarctic Expedition, watch our video "The CSM Sustainability Journey."