CSM Supports “Kinderwunschbaum” in Delmenhorst


A doll, a book, a pencil case – small things are often enough to make children's eyes shine. However, not every family can afford Christmas presents for their offspring. In fact, in Delmenhorst, Germany, the family of every third child cannot spare money for gifts. Not even small gifts.

In order to allow as many wishes of girls and boys from Delmenhorst to come true, CSM Bakery Solution's local factory contributed 5,000 euros to the city's "KinderWunschBaum"(children's wishes tree) initiative. The Delmenhorst team joined many other companies in the city, as well as citizens and school classes, in supporting the initiative.

The mechanics of the gift and fundraiser carried out by local institutions were easy: Until mid-November, children from Delmenhorst aged three to ten could hand in their fondest wishes, worth up to 25 euros, in the town's family and children's service bureau. In December, they got their presents in the course of ceremonial handovers. "This year, nearly 1,500 wishes reached our office," says Karin Wiegmann from the city of Delmenhorst, who is one of the project's initiators. "Most of them were rather traditional ones such as Lego bricks, dolls or remote-controlled cars."

CSM's donation was crucial for the success of this special Christmas initiative and the Delmenhorst team is proud to be a part of it. "We are happy to fulfil our corporate social responsibility, because we feel attached to our city and the wonderful people who live here," says CSM plant manager Horst von Soosten. "This is especially true here in Delmenhorst, where our company has been firmly rooted for more than 100 years. The children's well-being is especially important to us. That is why we are pleased to support the 'KinderWunschBaum' initiative for the fifth time now."

Delmenhorst is representative of the relations with communities is nurtured by CSM's German factories, which all have programs like Delmenhorst's that focus on helping children. The Bingen team, for example, is supporting different local primary schools and conducting a "heavenly bakery" every year. In Gerlenhofen, the plant is supporting local children from New-Ulm with a Christmas baking event and donations for the association "ulmskleinespatzen e.V." And in Bremen, CSM has established a long-term partnership with a key account customer to support "Bremer Engel," an initiative helping seriously ill children and their relatives with monetary donations as well as material donations such as ingredients and advertising materials.