All About Snacking


Did you know that 83% of consumers snack on a daily basis, up about 9% since 2014? This rapid growth is in part due to factors like increasingly busy consumer lifestyles, an evolving definition of snacking, and the rise of smaller households. In regards to where consumers are snacking, we see that Millennials are really driving growth in away-from-home snacking with 40% of their snacks being consumed on the go (vs. 25% for older generations).

For sweet goods, ‘after dinner’ remains the top time period for snacking though we do see nearly a third of consumers snacking on sweet treats like cookies earlier in the day as well.

As consumer definitions of snacking evolve, it is important for foodservice and retail providers to parallel and evolve their snackable offerings. CSM is here to help identify and bring to life those snackable solutions for your fresh bakery needs.