At BAKER & BAKER, our daily business practices go well beyond our commitment to support our customers in growing their business effectively.

We are committed to working towards the highest ethical and professional standards along with establishing transparent and productive long-term relationships via our business values.

Our commitment towards sustainable business practices are at the core of our day-to-day operations. We strive at act responsibly in our environment, our communities and in our dealings with customers, based on our five core sustainability pillars:

  • Environment


    Reducing our carbon footprint, efficiently managing our energy and water use and implementing waste reduction programmes are our key environmental focuses.

  • People


    We seek to create a transparent and collaborative culture in which colleagues are empowered to succeed and are treated with equal respect and dignity. Safe working environments and health and wellbeing benefits for our employees are also at the centre of our commitment to our people.

  • Products


    We are passionate about creating products that delight our customers and consumers. Our quality assurance measures include responsible sourcing, production and distribution, as well as transparency regarding origins and composition of our products.

  • Communities


    We work with our suppliers, customers and colleagues to enhance the communities in which we work and live, such as supporting various local charities and initiatives to help those in need.

  • Governance


    Strong and transparent governance – as well as a genuine commitment to sustainability – starts with our leadership team. We continuously work towards excellence and collaboration to adhere to the strongest levels of governance.